Know How One Single Lemon A Day Keeps Your Kidney Stones Away

Today we want to tell you a really good benefit of lemons and a lemon a day will keep the kidney stones away let me tell you why because some people are trying to get healthy nowadays so they're,

Adding more kale to the diet more spinach or leafy greens and then they may end up with a kidney stone why because some of those foods are high in oxalates and what's an excellent an, 

Oxalate is a certain chemical that can combine with calcium in your body and possibly develop kidney stones okay now I had a kidney stew a long time ago and it is the worst thing on the planet, 

I was you I just lost my sense of humor really fast but the point is that what does what dissolves oxalate stones this citric, 

Acid in the lemon okay so I make sure I have at least one lemon every single day and I put it my water or i'll take the lemon juice I like the organic I like the Italian lemon juice is volcano lemon juice if you can find, 

It in healthy store or just get organic lemon juice okay don't get the regular stuff get the organic stuff and do maybe like two ounces of lemon juice in the, 

Water every day and you will not have to worry about kidney stones it really works and you can even put it in that kale shake that you drink as well the, 

Other thing is that if you take a real lemon make sure that you get the organic lemons because there's a lot of pesticides on them or if you you know if, 

You don't get organic lemon and you get a regular one just make sure you wash it really really well before you start cutting it because sometimes people even, 

At a restaurant they cut up the lemon you don't you're just getting pesticides you put it right on the water you don't want to do that okay so it's a real, simple tip go ahead and start adding at least one lemon to your diet every single day.