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It seems today there are constant news stories of grand news space missions capable of making great discoveries that will change the way we see the universe these proposed space missions often take years of planning preparation and execution and are often capitalised by the media, 
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 ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Mission Attention

Space missions attract a lot of attention but it's not uncommon to hear a proposed mission years in advance be altered or cancelled that being said we have seen remarkable achievements made by nasa jaxa esa china and private space companies like spacex and blue origin but there is one country in space agency who are changing the game this is, 

India it's a country with over 1.3 billion people the second-largest country by population in the world and it's expected to overtake, 

China in the coming decades but its population isn't the only thing on the rise india's first satellites aryabhata was launched by the soviet union in april 1975 and for 33 years it's space industry remained rather, 

Stagnant until recently all space missions are directed by the government's indian space research organisation whose vision is to harness space technology for national development while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration in october 2008 their lunar orbiter, 

Chandrayaan 1 was launched and discovered the presence of water ice in november 2013 their mars orbiter mission was carried out which successfully entered mars orbit in september 2014 at a cost of just 74 million dollars they were able to send the orbiter with five scientific instruments that still, 

Continue to monitor conditions on mars to this day and unlike all three agencies before them they did it on their first attempt february 2017 saw isro launch 104 satellites on a single rocket setting a world record they did, 

This on their polar satellite launch vehicle which carried 1,300 kilograms of payload into space it successfully deployed all 104 satellites from seven different countries sending them on the right paths, 

Travelled at 27,000 km/h to put it into perspective isro budget in 2018 with set at only one point seven billion dollars compared to nasa's 20 point seven billion india now has plans to launch a second mission to the moon followed by, 

A manned space flight in the coming years chandrayaan 2 is india's second lunar exploration mission after chandrayaan one scheduled to be launched in april 2019 although this mission has been rescheduled multiple times since 2018 as, 

Of february 2018 the mission has an allocated cost of approximately 125 million dollars the mission is planned to fly on a geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle mark 3 it's a three stage medium lift launch vehicle measuring around 44 metres at height and a cost per launch of between 46 to 62 million in 2017 as a comparison, 

Spacex's falcon heavy has two stages measures around 70 meters and has a cost per launch of 90 million once in space the orbiter will orbit the moon at an altitude of 100 kilometres with a high-resolution camera to conduct high-resolution observations of the landing site the missions lander is called vikram named after vikram sarabhai, 

Who is widely regarded as the father of the indian space program it will detach from the orbiter and descend to a lower lunar orbit before attempting to land on the lunar surface the landers propulsion system consists of eight thrusters for, 

Altitude control and five liquid main engines with the lander safely on the surface a six wheeled rover will be deployed operated on solar power the rover will perform on-site chemical analysis and send the data to the, 

Orbiter above which will relay it back to earth a total of 10 electric motors will be used for traction and steering accompanied by kinetic traction control which will enable the rover to navigate, 

The rough lunar terrain the landing site is a high plane between two craters man's earnest and simp elias at a latitude of about 70 degrees south if successful chandrayaan 2 will be the first ever mission to land a rover near the lunar south pole, 

This mission will use and test various new technologies and conduct new experiments isro stated the payloads will collect scientific information on lunar topography mineralogy elemental abundance lunar exosphere and signatures of hydroxyl and water ice, 

Which will provide more data after the information collected 50 years ago by the human apollo missions it's row plans to use the experience for more challenging missions of the future such as touching down on an asteroid or mars or sending a spacecraft to venus, 

Since 2004 when isro first prepared a plan for human spaceflight the agency has been developing technologies that are building blocks for such a mission the first crewed flight is planned with a spacecraft called gurgaon, 

Yin for december 2021 on a homegrown gslv three rocket the most crucial objective is that of the crew module a capsule that can carry humans this row have successfully demonstrated this by having a prototype pre enter the earth's atmosphere withstanding the thermal heat caused by friction but there is still more tests and development to be done this room, 

Will also be conducting test flights for a new and improved rocket the ss lv or small satellite launch vehicle set for summer this year as the name implies the ss lv will launch smaller satellites that weigh between 500 to 700 kilograms at just 34 metres tall the rocket has four stages with a payload capacity of 500 kilograms to low-earth orbit, 

What will make these vehicles so special is their low cost being one-tenth the cost of the pslv ss lv does not require mission control center to launch the satellites it can be launched from some personal computer anywhere assembled for launch within 72 hours india's economic approach to spaceflight and it's constant changes in innovations are likely to bring many benefits to the future of space travel,